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every woman needs this

More often then you would imagine

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Everything is just uncomfortable enough…

Her heels hurt to stand in, but her ankles are held tightly together making equal distribution of her weight impossible.

The crotch rope is just right enough to dig through her panties, but if she tries to move her arms or hands behind her back, it will dig in more.

Her arms are tied behind her back ensuring that she cannot balancer herself better.

She has just enough air to be alright, but breathing is a constant struggle.

How long does this all last?

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I love this position. She’s folded into a ball with her arms behind her, her knees are tight to her chest. But her legs are up and spread wide, exposing her most sensitive parts to do what one pleases.

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Hold her down while you use her. She will thank you!


Screaming girls are loved girls


While he was thinking about where to start the whipping. Would it be her tits, her soles, her ass of maybe her labia. But no matter how he would decide, it was going to become a painful experience for her.

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